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About Us

Masks & More really is a product of our times. It was started by mothers’ concerned with the wellbeing of their young children, their elderly relatives plus anyone they interacted with, as well as a recognition that there was a shortage of local suppliers for face masks and related accessories – for adults and children alike – that added a bit of fun and style to the obligation of covering up.


What started as a Facebook page quickly grew and this e-commerce store became an important ‘next step’ in order to offer the best service possible. This site offers the face masks, sanitiser bottles, and mask cases at great value prices that made the Facebook page an instant hit… plus additional products that bring added protection to our surroundings, to the air we breathe, and our personal hygiene. These include UV-C lamps, ozonisers, and sanitising liquid.


The world we knew not so long ago has changed to our ‘new normal’. Our aim is to make the changes a bit more fun, a bit more stylish, and - most importantly - safer for you, your friends, your family, and for those you interact with.


Stay safe.




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