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Mask Care & Wear FAQs

Wearing a face mask should be considered a complimentary measure to other, very important day-to-day preventative practices. We must all observe physical distancing, coughing and sneezing etiquette, hand washing and avoid touching our faces (especially the mouth, nostrils and eyes).


Here are some important things to remember…



Is wearing a face mask compulsory?


This changes according to the situation in your country or region. For your wellbeing and those around you, it is important that you keep updated as to the current local situation and cooperate fully with any recommendations or laws communicated by your local authorities.



What is the proper way to put on and remove a face mask?


Before you put on a mask you need to clean your hands well with soap and running water or a sanitiser liquid.


Next, ensure the mask covers your nose, mouth and chin.


Avoid touching your mask once on.


Replace your mask with a fresh, properly cleaned one after prolonged use or as soon as it becomes damp.


When removing the mask, bend your head forward, remove mask from the straps (not by touching the front of the mask).


Finally, clean your hands well with soap and running water or a sanitiser liquid.



How should a mask be worn correctly?


A mask should fit snugly against the side of the face and should not be loose under the nose and chin.


It should be kept in place with ties or elastic ear loops.


You should be able to breathe freely with it on.



How should I store my reusable mask?


Your reusable mask should be stored in either a non-porous sealable container, a disposable plastic bag or a wipeable plastic pouch.


Any reusable containers should be wiped clean using sanitising liquid containing 70-90% alcohol and left to dry properly.


How do I clean my mask?


You should only clean reusable masks. Single use masks must be disposed of properly after use.


Reusable cloth masks can be washed in a washing machine at a high temperature to neutralise the microbes (minimum 60o C) using normal laundry detergent. Use of fabric softener is not recommended.


Do not use chemicals such as disinfectants to clean your mask as you will be breathing in these chemicals. For a similar reason, masks should not be dry cleaned.


You can also clean your mask in boiling water for several minutes.



When should I replace my reusable mask?


A reusable mask is not for life! There is no rule of thumb, but you should replace your mask once is no longer fits snugly to your face.


Also, if you notice stains, fabric stretching or any other wear and tear, it is time for a new mask.

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